ноября 21

"Alianta-Vin" покоряет китайский рынок


20 Moldovan companies, united under the country’s brand Wine of Moldova, presented their products at the ProWine exhibition in Shanghai (China) on November 11-13.


At the Tuesday’s press conference, Head of the National Office for Wine and Vine Dumitru Munteanu said that participation in this exhibition became “the final chord of the Program on promoting national winemaking brand Wine of Moldova on the international market, organized by the Office with strategic assistance of the USAID CEED II [Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project]”.  

“Around 600 participants from 40 countries tried to convince the exhibition visitors, who are directly engaged in wine business, to buy and promote Moldovan products on the Chinese market”, said Munteanu, reminding that similar presentations of Moldovan wines have been organized by the Office with the CEED II assistance in the USA, Romania, Poland and Czech Republic.

Deputy Director of the USAID CEED II Diana Lazar told about special PR activities and press conferences, held within the ProWine exhibition.

“Articles, published by the Chinese journalists, will raise the interest towards Moldovan wine, opening new opportunities for Moldovan producers of quality wines on this promising market”, said she.

According to Lazar, around 2.3 billion bottles of wine are annually imported to the Chinese market, which demonstrates a sustainable demand for high quality wines already seven years.

“By 2015, China may become world’s largest wine consumer. In 2013, Moldovan winemakers have exported to Chinese market around 1 million bottles of wine”, noted Lazar, saying that according to forecasts, wine consumption per capita in China will grow from 1 to 3 liters per year.

Answering the question why only 20 of 160 winemaking companies, registered in Moldova, went to China, Dumitru Munteanu said that all the producers and exporters of Moldovan wine received invitation for participation in the exhibition ProWine in Shanghai.

“I think that not everyone is ready yet for participation in exhibitions on such a high scale. A part of costs is assumed by the National Office for Wine and Vine, but what concerns samples of wines, presence at the show, trip – this part of financial expenditures should be covered by winemakers themselves”, said he.

Infotag’s dossier: According to the National Office for Wine and Vine data, the total cost for participation in the ProWine exhibition in Shanghai exceeded US$130 thousand, US$45 thousand of which is the cost of exhibit space of 120 square meters.