March 17

Prowein 2015

In 2015, Alianta-Vin Ltd continues to participate in the international exhibitions of wine and spirits.

A special event can be considered participation in the annual international exhibition of wine, PROWEIN 2015, in Germany. The exhibition was held from 15 to 17 March in the Dusseldorf, where from around the world have gathered a huge number of wine lovers. The exhibition was attended by over 3,000 companies from all other the world, among which the Alianta-Vin Ltd.

The company presented to the visitors lines of semi-sweet, semi-dry and dry wines, both in standard and exclusive bottles. In the focus, the company has allocated high quality vintage wines Chisinaul Vechi, and as well sparkling spumante wines in lines  Chisinaul Vechi and Pik.


Wasn’t left without attention and multiple winner of international competitions - Kagor Pastoral, which absolutely won the hearts of not only discreet Germans, but also visitors from Italy,Poland, Romania, the Netherlands,Denmarkand other countries. Undoubtedly, the presentation of wines in the exclusive Alianta-Vin’s jugs impressed foreign visitors with its unusual shape.

Participation in the exhibition Prowein, mainly helps to establish contacts with international companies, to get acquainted with the technology of production of foreign wine producers, moreover to analyze and to use further the progressive and modern marketing solutions.