October 10

Succes Story JV Alianta-Vin LTD

Alianta–Vin is a company with old wine making traditions. Founded in 1944, but only after 50 years, went through a process of reorganization and modernization. It is located in the central part of Moldova, in Straseni town, where the old practice of vine growing has become an art of producing high quality wine. Due to attention paid to the quality of grapes, the company manages to process the raw materials, using only the most modern and latest Italian equipment. This equipment excludes the oxidation of grapes and of the must because of the contact with the air. The processing capacity reaches 30 tons of grapes per hour.

Samuil Pic - „Alianta–Vin” General Director: „The most important technological process in the wine production is its fermentation... As wine is very vulnerable to sudden temperature changes, its fermentation in proper conditions is vital. For this reason we requested EIB support and applied for a loan. We needed a cooler and tanks for controlled fermentation of the must – Thus, we contracted a loan of 500 thousand Euro.

Due to the investments, the fermentation process became possible by adding pure culture yeasts, at a controlled temperature. The advanced (modern) equipment purchased with the EIB support, through the “Filiere du Vin” Program, allows controlling the fermentation temperature in each tank. This maintains the unique flavor of the grapes and “creates” a high quality and select wine. The company also produces raw material for sparkling wines. The “Chisinaul Vechi” („Old Chisinau”) brand, belonging to “Alianta - Vin” company, is one of highest quality and is exported to several countries: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Russia, Baltic countries.  

The perfection of Alianta–Vin wines lies in the use of traditional recipes, innovative technologies, meticulous choice of ingredients, observance of standards and rigorous quality control at all stages of production. This is how the true wine, for people with refined tastes, is made. 

Samuil Pic - „Alianta–Vin”’s General Director: „ The „PIK” sparkling wines – are made of the highest quality raw materials, the grape varieties: Chardonnay, Feteasca and Aligote. This new range of products has been launched in 2013, due to the support provided under the Filiere du Vin Program.”